Development strategy

On the local market, the company plans to maintain its leading position and increase its sales on the European Union market. We aim to constantly develop new products, quickly respond to our customers’ demands, have our services available at all times, and offer competitive prices.

Local customers have demonstrated their trust and recognized the quality of the CROBUS ZORAbrand, as confirmed by the number of buses sold within the past two years.

In addition to the Croatian and the European Union markets, AZ CROBUS has also signed a ten-year contract to deliver buses to the Middle East market (Republic of Iraq). Under the contract, 2000 buses should be delivered within the first five years.

The factory is making and supplying intercity and tourist buses, which is just the beginning of collaboration. Extra efforts are used to develop a MINIBUS and an urban bus, and the Iraqi market will later be offered a bus for persons with disabilities, which AZ CROBUS has already developed for the European market.

As the deal involves a large number of buses and the production capacities are limited, the company entered into a ten-year contract with a renowned Chinese bus manufacturer that will be licensed by AZ CROBUS to make buses for the Middle East market.


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