• Manufacturing

    We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture our buses in compliance with the high criteria set by European regulations applicable to vehicle production that are already in effect in the European Union and in other parts of Europe. Environmental protection was one of the most important concerns in the defining of technology and production processes. A comprehensive environmental impact study has been provided, which defines how the factory will operate down to the very last detail. Our painting technology requires that we use water-based paints and all other components ensuring maximum environmental protection.

    • Production hall surface area: 6,800 m2
    • Design offices: 400 m2 – 1st floor
    • Ancillary rooms: 400 m2
    • Production capacity: 300 buses per year
    • Most sophisticated machines and devices
    • Thermal spray booth and preparation zone (equipment for preparing buses for painting)
    • A large number of devices and molds
    • Internal resources (know-how and qualified employees)
  • Design, development and technology

    The superstructures made by our company are technically and technologically designed according to customer’s specific requirements. We provide the customer with a conceptual design, preferably according to their requirements so that they can receive a finished product with maximum efficiency, fuel economy, operating reliability and load carrying capacity.
  • Quality control

    Before we deliver it, we examine and test each product very carefully to ensure that we are able to guarantee the highest level of quality and safety both for the persons operating our products and for the goods being carried.

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