We make conversions on vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Renault, Opel and other manufacturers depending on the intended purpose of the minibus and its standard technical characteristics. All such converted vehicles are certified and classified as M2/M3 class vehicles (up to 23 seats).The vehicles come complete with all equipment required under the ECE rules and the regulations of the Vehicle Center of Croatia.

  • Passenger seats

    • Each seat features an adjustable backrest, armrest, a 3-point seat belt, and fabric upholstery in different colors and designs, colors matching the interior or as per customer’s request;
    • The seats are bolted to the floor using floor rails, may be reassigned as per customer’s request, and are easily mounted and dismounted.
  • Lighting

    • Overhead LED lighting inside luggage racks
    • Floor LED lighting for the aisle
    • Entrance lighting - steps.
  • Floor and interior trim

    • Floor trims of various colors and designs, hot-welded at joints, anti-slide, matching the interior or as per customer’s request.
    • Roof sides, columns and lining made of aluminum profiles or galvanized metal sheet
    • Front cap made of fiberglass or aluminum profiles
    • Fabric, manmade leather or leather interior trim, color-keyed
  • Passenger door

    • Glass power door with an electric motor and a control module
    • Door window with a built-in heater
    • Interior and exterior emergency levers
    • Entrance step with integrated lighting (floor and overhead)
  • Other equipment

    • Partition in front of the front seat row
    • Emergency roof hatch
    • Curtains on side and rear windows
    • Emergency hammers
    • Fire extinguisher
    • First aid kit
    • Entrance handles on the left and right.
  • Heating and cooling

    • A 12 kW roof-mounted WEBASTO unit for cooling with the option of installing a heating & cooling roof-mounted unit;
    • An additional 4 kW WEBASTO water heater;
    • Underfloor convector heating operated by the heating controls;
    • The roof-mounted unit is operated manually and a cooling & heating roof-mounted unit must be automated;
    • WEBASTO water heater control unit;
    • The passenger compartment is cooled using service modules installed above each seat (service module including air diffusors, a speaker and a reading lamp).

Luggage racks

  • Luggage racks with a service module, integrated passenger compartment lighting, a reading lamp above each seat and blue night lighting for the passenger compartment.


  • Flat, covered with water-resistant plywood, includes the aisle.

Floor mesh

  • Made of steel profiles, mesh bolted or welded to the floor.

Thermal insulation

  • 40 mm thick self-adhesive, fire-resistant acoustic and thermal insulation across the station and the floor, installed as per customer’s request.


  • Fixed, laminated, panoramic double thermal insulation glass, tinted

Optional equipment

  • Seats
    • Manmade leather and Alcantara upholstery
    • Leather upholstery
    • Each double seat may be shifted towards the aisle
    • Leg rest
    • Collapsible table
    • Storage net
    • Adjustable backrest – suburban minibus
    • Folding courier seat
  • Audio & Video equipment
    • autoradio MP3/DVD
    • pojačalo
    • mikrofon
    • navigacija
    • LCD monitor 15”
  • Heating and cooling
    • 15 kW roof-mounted unit - cooling
    • 12 kW and 15 kW roof-mounted units – heating and cooling
    • Roof-mounted unit computerized management unit (cooling or heating)
    • Additional 7.6 kW WEBASTO heater
  • Other
    • Refrigerator
    • Luggage compartments below the last row with four seats
    • Side spoilers
    • Lower front and rear fenders
    • Power roll-up curtain for the driver
    • Clock with a temperature indicator
    • Luggage box – skibox, mounted on the double rear door of the vehicle
    • Luggage compartment door – opened using a parallelogram mechanism
    • Window above the luggage compartment door
    • Parking sensors, LCD monitor and acoustic warning signal
    • Reverse parking camera, LCD monitor
    • Air suspension on the rear axle
    • TELMA – retarder
    • Electrical EU towing hitch.

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