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    Thanks to an increase in the length of vehicles among standard 12-meter 2-axle buses by more than 300 mm, the greatest advantage is achieved in the passenger compartment. In the standard configuration with 51 passenger seats, their longitudinal distance is 750 – 770 mm, which leaves plenty of legroom for passengers.

    Its length of 12.35 m creates generous passenger space and its height of 3.6 m places it somewhere between intercity and tourist buses, thus reconciling its excellent aerodynamic properties with the height of the interior and the size of its luggage compartments sufficient for most transport purposes.

    With ample options of configuring the vehicle’s equipment based on carrier’s different needs, it is this flexibility of use that represents one of its greatest advantages and uniquely combines many advantages of regional passenger and tourist buses.

    In addition to the fact that the CROBUS ZORA is made to be usable at all times and thus generate revenue rather than expenses, we should highlight the carefully selected dimensions of this economy 2-axle vehicle, as well as the general impression of the vehicle which represents an ideal combination of top quality and fair pricing – thanks to its long useful life, this promises high levels of long-term profitability.

    Despite its increased length, the vehicle is very agile thanks to its big front-wheels turning angle. Frugal and compact, SCANIA engines adhere to the highest environmental standards under the ECE rules and come standard with an automatic SCANIA OPTICRUISE transmission (no clutch pedal), which increases the vehicle’s safety and comfort, while reducing its fuel consumption and extending the life of many mechanical assemblies considering the various driving styles if the vehicle is operated by several drivers.

    The characteristics of the CROBUS ZORA uniquely combine European workmanship quality and modern technical solutions at a reasonable price, with ample options of use in carrying passengers with different needs.

    The CROBUS ZORA has received a European WHOLE VEHICLE TYPE APPROVAL (WVTA) and our vehicles are complete with all equipment required under the ECE rules and the regulations of the Vehicle Center of Croatia.

  • Driver compartment

    Driver’s comfortable position is guaranteed by numerous options of adjusting the height and tilt of the steering wheel and the seat featuring air suspension with adjustable damping, separate adjustment of the entire backrest or just the height of the headrest, adjustable armrests and heating, ventilation and vertical rotation of the seat.

    The dashboard is made of high-quality elastic materials promising a long life and easy maintenance. This elegantly and compactly designed dashboard ensures good visibility of the instruments and easy use of controls.

    The driver compartment is air-conditioned separately from the passenger compartment and the temperature set is adjusted automatically.

  • Visibility

    Excellent visibility is provided by large exterior mirrors with additional blind spot elements, electrical adjustment and heating, as well as a display showing the back door area or the area behind the vehicle in case the driver reverses with the aid of the camera.

  • Courier compartment

    A collapsible courier seat guarantees uninterrupted passage next to the courier door, features a 3-point seat belt and foldable armrests. We were particularly meticulous about the comfort of the courier’s working area where the other driver, conductor, stewardess or tourist guide spends a large proportion of their working hours.

  • Passenger compartment

    When it comes to usability and comfort, the passenger compartment is by far and away number one.

    Its ergonomically designed seats guarantee maximum comfort with adjustable backrests and foldable armrests, while the option of moving the centrally positioned seats sideways provides extra space during travel and the width of the central aisle is sufficient to allow passengers to exit comfortably. In the standard configuration with 51 passenger seats, their longitudinal distance is 700 – 730 mm, which leaves plenty of legroom for passengers.

    The passenger overhead sets offer a convenient option to individually adjust ventilation, reading lights and speakers, while the Actia audio/video system provides full enjoyment of the journey. Webasto heating and cooling systems also add to the pleasure of the traveling experience for all passengers and the crew. Interior air conditioning is provided by thermostat-adjustable radiator heating and roof heating, for which the automatic 35 kW air conditioner is more than enough.

    Two full-width and full-height doors provide for comfortable entry into the vehicle – this is why the top edge of the middle door penetrates below the bottom line of the side windows in a distinctive way.
    The height, width and depth of the entrance steps were carefully selected, with ideally positioned handrails and additional lighting while the door is open.

  • Luggage compartment

    The doors of all side luggage compartments open in the standard manner, while the doors of the main luggage compartments between the axles may be designed to open by using a parallelogram mechanism and feature a central locking switch on the control panel.

    The CROBUS ZORA offers the following luggage compartment capacities:

    • 1 m3 excluding toilet and including aisle
    • 9 m3 including toilet and aisle
    • 8 m3 excluding toilet and including flat floor
    • 8 m3 including toilet and flat floor

    The luggage compartment also features lighting activated on the control panel, which is automatically deactivated when the vehicle takes off or after an extended period, for example if the driver forgets to turn it off.

  • Safety

    The body construction is made of high-quality high-strength steel, whereas the exterior is lined with low-weight, fully corrosion-resistant artificial materials. Most advanced professional software was used to design the body and the vehicle’s safety has been confirmed by a roll-over test.

    The CROBUS ZORA has been awarded a European WHOLE VEHICLE TYPE APPROVAL (WVTA) issued by the Hungarian NKH, while the State Office for Metrology issued a Certificate of Conformity for the vehicle.

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